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Sights of Osh

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Bazaar in Osh - a colorful landmark of Osh city

Once in Osh, be sure to visit the local bazaar "Zhaima". A huge eastern market stretches for a kilometer along the western bank of the Ak-Bura River. What's not here: food, clothing, household goods, textiles, souvenirs and even cattle. Most of the goods are Chinese consumer goods, but everything is cheap and only a lot.

The unprepared tourist's eyes run away from the chaos that reigns here: crowds of people, merchants and trolleys, off-the-shelf counters where perfumery is mixed up with Chinese jeans, and apples from cardboard boxes and cheap toys are sold nearby.

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In summer seasonal vegetables and fruits are especially appetizing: juicy red and yellow apples, juicy peaches, sweet grapes grown under the generous eastern sun, yellow melons and striped watermelons. And a variety of dried fruits and nuts: dried raisins of different varieties, apricots, dates, pistachios, walnuts, almonds and peanuts - are sold directly from huge bags. Fragrant, hot cakes from the tandoor are offered by brisk women in bright colorful dresses. Do not go past selling ready-made meals: shish kebabs, pilaf, samsa and beshbarmak, smelling so that the saliva flow.

Exotic looks and meat series, where, in addition to the usual beef and mutton, they sell horsemeat, as well as various insides that they also eat, and exotic for Europeans delicacy - mutton heads. By the way, the boiled mutton head is served by the Kirghiz to the most honorable guest. It is offered to try everything: both eyes, and ears, and language, and brains of a ram pick out a spoon directly from a skull.

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But back to the bazaar. The bazaar in Osh is considered one of the most colorful and large in terms of commodity turnover of bazaars in Central Asia. In addition, it has existed in one place for more than 2000 years, since the time when one of the branches of the legendary Silk Road passed through Osh.

Tourists love it, and locals consider it an integral part of their lives. Merchants are flocking here not only from all over Kyrgyzstan, but also from China, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The market works 7 days a week from early morning and closes at 5-6 pm. Most people here on Sunday, and least of all - on Monday.

Museum complex "Sulaiman-Too" at the foot of the mountain of the same name

Address: st. Kurmanjan Datka
Tel .: 3222 2 71 23, 27132
Paid entrance
Cost: 50 som

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One of the largest museums in Kyrgyzstan is located in Osh at the foot of the Solomon Mountain with the same name - the tourist sight of the city and the famous place of Muslim pilgrimage.

The museum was established in 1949. For its long history, it was renamed repeatedly. The museum stores more than 33 thousand exhibits related to history, archeology, art, nature of the southern region of Kyrgyzstan.

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In 2000, on the occasion of the celebration of the 3000 anniversary of Osh, the museum was transferred to a new building, an area of 1100 square meters. M.

The exposition of the museum complex was divided into two main sections, dedicated to the nature of the region and its history. Here you will find ancient manuscripts and coins, household items and felt articles, books and photographs, as well as gifts from the high representatives of foreign countries to the city.

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Among the branches of the Sulaiman-Too museum complex are several small regional museums, such as the Urkuya Saliev Museum, the Nookat District Museum, the Ozgon architectural complex (Uzgen), the Collective Farm Museum Rossiya.

Also in the structure of the Osh Museum "Sulaiman-Too" is also the only museum in Kyrgyzstan, the Museum of Spiritual Culture, located on the southern slope of Rushan Mountain. The first floor of this museum consists of extended karst caves, and the upper one - from a natural cave. In the construction of 13 premises with a total area of 1238 sq.m.

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The artifacts collected in the museum are related in one way or another to the many religious cults that existed in Central Asia since ancient times: from animism and shamanism to world religions.

The location of the Museum of Spiritual Culture on one of the summits of Suleiman-Too is not accidental. Petroglyphs are located here, some of them are thousands of years old, and at least 12 holy caves visited by numerous pilgrims. In these caves in ancient times lived hermits, there were altars and mazars.

Monuments of Osh - Mausoleum of Asaf ibn Burhiya

At the southeastern foot of the sacred Sulaiman-Too mountain there is a famous place of Muslim pilgrimage - the Mausoleum of Asaf ibn Burhiya. A mausoleum named Vizier of King Suleiman was named, according to the legend bequeathed to bury himself at the foot of this mountain.

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The mausoleum of Asaph ibn Burhiya was built in the 18th century in the traditions of the Fergana architectural school. During its existence, the building was repeatedly restored to the means of wealthy citizens of Osh and Andijan. Scientists do not unreasonably believe that in place of the mausoleum earlier was an earlier cult structure, dating back to the X-XII centuries.

Be that as it may, today the Mausoleum of Asaph ibn Burhiya is one of the oldest monuments preserved in Osh. This is a rectangular portal-dome structure of 7.3x9.59 meters. The corners of the building, as is customary in Islamic architecture, are oriented around the world. The dome with a diameter of 4.4 meters is based on an octagonal drum. The interior has an octagonal shape with a side length of 2.11 to 2.23 meters. A special beauty stands out for the portal-dome niche of the mausoleum. The upper part of the portal ends with teeth in the form of a stylized shamrock. On its edges there are decorative columns. The entire entrance niche is decorated with a sophisticated ganch decor.

In 1999-2000-ies. In the framework of celebrating the 3000 anniversary of Osh, the dome of the mausoleum was partially restored. In 2013, work began on the restoration of the upper part of the mausoleum, the windows of the dome, the restoration of the original design of the facade and interior decoration.


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